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Re: continuous crashing 5.99.39

2010/10/5 Pouya D. Tafti <>:
> On 5 October 2010 10:27, Jens Rehsack <> 
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> every night when I load my iPod on my NetBSD laptop, the machine is rebooted
>> at the next morning, This happens now 4 times, I rate this as a
>> pattern meanwhile.
>> But there are no cores available at the morning.
> Are you sure it is related to the iPod?  I recall similar reboots when
> I left my NetBSD laptop running overnight compiling packages; I also
> noticed that on occasion, it would enter some state of limbo shortly
> after being left unattended, continuing the compilation only after
> some keyboard event the next morning (judging on the basis of binary
> package creation times); the screen would go completely black too
> (i.e. no backlight).  The black screen happens frequently enough, but
> not always, when I leave the laptop unattended for a while.

I'm not sure that is related to the iPod, but my NetBSD runs always
overnight - and it crashs only in those nights where the iPod is attached
for loading ...
So it's my first guess that there is a relation.


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