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Re: continuous crashing 5.99.39

On 5 October 2010 10:27, Jens Rehsack <> wrote:
> Hi,
> every night when I load my iPod on my NetBSD laptop, the machine is rebooted
> at the next morning, This happens now 4 times, I rate this as a
> pattern meanwhile.
> But there are no cores available at the morning.

Are you sure it is related to the iPod?  I recall similar reboots when
I left my NetBSD laptop running overnight compiling packages; I also
noticed that on occasion, it would enter some state of limbo shortly
after being left unattended, continuing the compilation only after
some keyboard event the next morning (judging on the basis of binary
package creation times); the screen would go completely black too
(i.e. no backlight).  The black screen happens frequently enough, but
not always, when I leave the laptop unattended for a while.


> But today, when I was going to start X, it dumps (see gdb.txt).
> I tried to "vi gdb.txt" before sending, and it crashs again (but it
> doesn't crash when
> doing gdb, mount, fsck, cp, ...). The backtraces of the dumps are
> attached in vi1.txt
> and vi2.txt.
> Is there anything I can try? Currently I assume the last iPod crash
> corrupts something
> and a rebuild/reinstall of the base system hopefully solves it.
> /Jens

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