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Re: trouble installing to 1.5TB drive

Stephen Borrill <> writes:

> The clue there is the "netbsd-5-0" stanza. As Joerg says this is a
> known issue in the netbsd-5-0 branch (i.e. NetBSD 5.0, NetBSD 5.0.1
> and the upcoming NetBSD 5.0.2). If you look for the netbsd-5 branch
> (i.e. what will become NetBSD 5.1 soon) you will find it works fine (I
> can confirm it works on 2TB drives).

And further, unless you have really unusual stability concerns
(typically with a staff to do regression testing of new bits before
going to production and people on 24x7 pagers), you almost certainly
should be running netbsd-5 instead of netbsd-5-0.  netbsd-5 is actually
highly stable.

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