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trouble installing to 1.5TB drive

I have an Areca raid card (5 drives, RAID6) that has a 1.5TB volume on it.

It appears to be seen this way, as the install program says it is

Bios #  cylinders  heads  sectors  total sectors    GB
------  ---------  -----  -------  -------------   ----
0x81    1024       141    48       2929686528      1499

It also says something about the geometry probably being something like 1023,
255, 63, but I don't know if those numbers are relevant.

When I tell it to use the entire hard drive, it now thinks the NetBSD partition
is -666641M.  This is clearly some kind of mistake.

Also, if I try to create partitions, it wants me to reduce the partition size
by 666866M before I have done anything.

Now, it appears if I create two disk slices out of the 1.5TB space, that it
will use a smaller than 1TB slice OK.  My questions are: "is there some way to
get it to correctly recognize the entire space?" and "If I slice it smaller,
will those smaller slices be correctly calculated so that I can use the full
space within them?"


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