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AW: Re: when using WAPBL (mount -o log)

-- Urspr. Mitt. --
Betreff: Re: when using WAPBL (mount -o log)
 > panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "(*vpp)->v_type == VNON" failed: 
 > file "/root/netbsd/src/sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_alloc.c", line 808

 What exact version were you using? This could easily have been a
 symptom of PR 40525, which was fixed in late February.

Yes, sorry, you are right. 
Im using a 4.99.73 (Oct. 08) on the regarding (xen virtual) machine. 

Because this is a bigger loaded production machine (yes, this is a crazy idea 
for someone...) i'm using my builds from netbsd-current "stepwise" from time to 
time - each after testing it on private machines (with smaller environment) 

Gilbert, many thanks to your comments - i've read about Wasabi's contributions 
- seems to be very good work. So i will give netbsd 5 beta a try now on my 1st 
productive machine. 

Many thanks to you all and a nice easter sunday,


Niels Dettenbach

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