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Re: Re: when using WAPBL (mount -o log)

On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 03:22:47PM +0200, Niels Dettenbach wrote:
>  What exact version were you using? This could easily have been a
>  symptom of PR 40525, which was fixed in late February.

Great to see this is working again. I had no idea. I guess
it wasn't worthy of an announcement :P

> Yes, sorry, you are right. 
> Im using a 4.99.73 (Oct. 08) on the regarding (xen virtual) machine. 
> Because this is a bigger loaded production machine (yes, this is a crazy
> idea for someone...) i'm using my builds from netbsd-current "stepwise"
> from time to time - each after testing it on private machines (with 
>smaller environment) before.

You'd be surprised at how many people do this. Half the people I know
won't move from NetBSD 1.x and the other half stage current builds :)

> Gilbert, many thanks to your comments - i've read about Wasabi's
> contributions - seems to be very good work. So i will give netbsd 5
> beta a try now on my 1st productive machine. 

If you are staging builds you should be pretty safe. It tends to be
the desktop users that hit all the problems ;). You just have to watch
for the odd libc change or NIC driver alteration.

The one time WAPBL had an issue, I simply had to remove 'log' from fstab.
Now it's fixed I simply add it back.

I use Xen aswell, all staged updates are done in domu, dom0 only gets
updated when there is something significant to introduce, or xentools
needs a newer kernel/userland. This has worked pretty well so far.

The only issue I had was utilising pvgrub, though I take the opportunity
while updating the kernels to update any generic configs aswell (mk.conf,
profile, pkg_install.conf, ntpd.conf, etc) and as a result it's no longer
an issue.

I think you mentioned seting up a mail server ... so I thought I'd mention
that, having used courier and dovecot in combination with postfix on
current, dovecot is by all means the better product. Multiple issues arose
from using courier. Postfix seems to be mildly dovecot aware and you
can consolidate certain areas, where courier feels a bit messy and harder
to debug. It also doesn't spawn as many processes and feels a lot snappier.

Anyway, good luck and have fun ;)


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