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Re: MEMORY_RBFLAGS in options(4)

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:

David Brownlee wrote:
For this reason, I would like to know if it is possible to:
- rename the MEMORY_RBFLAGS option to MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS (to be in sync with the rest of the MEMORY_DISK_* macros)
- make adjustments inside src/ to reflect this
- document it inside options(4) so it is easier to use it
- declare "MEMORY_RBFLAGS" as obsolete (perhaps in conf/files?)

I have no idea if this option is used outside of the NetBSD repository. So I would like to have your opinion on this matter first before proposing some diffs.

That seems very reasonable. I would go as far as to switch the default (and update in tree md users to define MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS for single user mode...

You mean switching the default to, say, RB_AUTOBOOT instead of RB_SINGLE?

        Yes, exactly.

Quick grepping just show that there are many config(5) out there that use MEMORY_DISK (~70), but only a few (I count 3 so far) use MEMORY_RBFLAGS to alter the default flag (RB_SINGLE => RB_AUTOBOOT).

        I think ~all of those are install kernels, where the RB_SINGLE
        makes sense. The current situation where adding MEMORY_DISK_<FOO>
        changes the default boot behaviour to single user violates
        the POLS...

And this without considering the people out there which have their own version.

IMHO, such a change may lead to unexpected results, but I can do it, provided some review my diffs.

        I'm happy to do so. Be wary of amiga and atari where you have to
        modify the .in files rather than the generated kernel conf.


                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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