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Re: MEMORY_RBFLAGS in options(4)

David Brownlee wrote:
On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
For this reason, I would like to know if it is possible to:
- rename the MEMORY_RBFLAGS option to MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS (to be in sync with the rest of the MEMORY_DISK_* macros)
- make adjustments inside src/ to reflect this
- document it inside options(4) so it is easier to use it
- declare "MEMORY_RBFLAGS" as obsolete (perhaps in conf/files?)
That seems very reasonable. I would go as far as to switch the default (and update in tree md users to define MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS for single user mode...

You mean switching the default to, say, RB_AUTOBOOT instead of RB_SINGLE?

    Yes, exactly.

So, here are the diffs that modify the MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS behaviour, and set RB_AUTOBOOT as default (was RB_SINGLE previously):

For config(5) files expecting MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS to be RB_SINGLE, I set it manually inside it. I did it with following criterias:

- if MEMORY_RBFLAGS was set explicitly: keep it.

(3 files do so: evbarm/conf/ARMADILLO210, evbarm/conf/GUMSTIX and ia64/conf/GENERIC.SKI)

- if MEMORY_DISK_HOOKS and MEMORY_DISK_IS_ROOT are set: set MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS to RB_SINGLE (to match old behaviour)

(71 configs, mostly ramdisks and install kernels)

- if MEMORY_DISK_HOOKS is set alone: do not touch. If I understand the code right, boothowto can only be overriden when MEMORY_DISK_IS_ROOT is set, or when md_root_setconf() is called when MEMORY_DISK_DYNAMIC is set (and with root on md0). Since neither are used in this case, I consider that boothowto cannot be altered by RBFLAGS.

(this is the case for atari)

- if MEMORY_DISK_HOOKS and MEMORY_DISK_DYNAMIC are set: investigate. This happens only for GENERIC i386 and amd64, so I decided _not_ to set RBFLAGS to RB_SINGLE as it could be misleading in the config(5) file (although this does not seem to affect GENERIC behaviour, as root is not on md0).

Thanks for the comments and/or reviews during this snowy and cheerful context :)


Jean-Yves Migeon

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