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kgmon -p newer returns on OMAP2 H4 board

Should I fill a PR?

The TI OMAP H4 seems to finally work with the current, but profiling
does not. We are able start and stop the profiling:
# kgmon -b
# <some load | do nothing>
# kgmon -h

Then if we try to run "kgmon -b", it does not return. It is still
possible to CTRL-C. The file gmon.out gets always something, but after
the beginning, the size does not change.

We were able profile the kernel with a current from october + patches to
pmap and interrupt controller from Imre Deak and Mikko Rapeli, and as
the last commit touching the kgmon application is from july, this should
not be a problem caused by kgmon.


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