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Re: MEMORY_RBFLAGS in options(4)

From: Jean-Yves Migeon <>

> While building a homemade ramdisk, I wanted to boot the image in 
> multi-user instead of the single-user mode selected by default.
> However, the option that controls the boothowto value (MEMORY_RBFLAGS) 
> is not documented inside options(4), although some config(5) files use 
> it. I had to have a look inside dev/md_root.c to understand its inner 
> workings.
> For this reason, I would like to know if it is possible to:
> - rename the MEMORY_RBFLAGS option to MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS (to be in sync 
> with the rest of the MEMORY_DISK_* macros)
> - make adjustments inside src/ to reflect this
> - document it inside options(4) so it is easier to use it
> - declare "MEMORY_RBFLAGS" as obsolete (perhaps in conf/files?)
> I have no idea if this option is used outside of the NetBSD repository. 
> So I would like to have your opinion on this matter first before 
> proposing some diffs.

That seems very reasonable. I would go as far as to switch the default (and 
update in tree md users to define MEMORY_DISK_RBFLAGS for single user 

David Brownlee <>

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