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Re: Sparc T1 netbsd

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Malcolm Herbert wrote:

> afact, the sun4v architecture is the same across the board, whether running
> on LDOMs or not which may make things easier ... no idea how much different
> sun4v is from sun4u ... presumably much of it would be identical ...

sun4v is almost as different from sun4u as sun4u is from sun4m.  While 
it's not quite as bad since you don't have a whole new ABI, sun4v is a 
paravirtualized architecture and trap dispatch and the MMU are managed 
completely by the hypervisor instead of the kernel.  It also limits the OS 
to 2 trap levels instead of the 4 levels on sun4u.  You essentially need 
to rewrite both locore and pmap as well as the interrupt dispatch and 
cross-call code for sun4v.


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