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Tips on using ipmi(4) and wdogctl?

        Hello.  I have a number of machines with the ipmi(4) watchdog timer in
place.  Yet, I don't really understand how to activate it.
If I do wdogctl on the machine, I get:
Available watchdog timers:
        ipmi0, 0 second period

If I put something like:
wdogctl=YES     wdogctl_flags="-u -p 30 ipmi0"
in /etc/rc.conf, then the system reboots when ever /etc/rc.d/wdogctl is

        Is there a way I can set the ipmi0 watchdog to monitor the system, as
if it were in user tickle mode, and have the system restart if the user
processes stop moving forward?  This works great with the ichlpcib0
watchdog, but I have had no luck using the ipmi watchdog.  Any clues?

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