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Re: Sparc T1 netbsd

Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 08:30:03PM +0000, David Markey wrote:
> |Is there any plans to support Sparc T1 processors or LDOMS in netbsd 5?
> as someone with access to a number of T1/T2-based hosts, this would be
> nice ... From memory, FreeBSD may already be able to run on these
> afact, the sun4v architecture is the same across the board, whether running
> on LDOMs or not which may make things easier ... no idea how much different
> sun4v is from sun4u ... presumably much of it would be identical ...

IIRC the only *BSD that runs on T1/T2 (and in general anything newer
than US-III) is OpenBSD 4.4 and higher, NetBSD and FreeBSD are stuck to
US-II (or older), sadly

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