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New panic on 5.99.3

Hi Folks,

I got a new panic while trying to debug/reproduce the NFS one. It does not seem
to happen on 4.99.72 but happen on 5.99.3 (not sure however). The procedure to
reproduce the panic is (from memory):

sudo pkill rpcbind && sudo /etc/rc.d/rpcbind restart
sudo nfsd -t -u -n 6
sudo /etc/rc.d/mountd restart
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/toto/foo
sudo -s
umount -f /home
umount -f /usr

at this point I don't get the prompt back, I can switch VT, but getty complains
about the file system full, as does a lot of process. So, I push the ACPI power
button, and I get:

acpi0: power button pressed
syncing disk... 2 done
unmounting file systems
unmounting /kern (kernfs)
unmounting /tmp (mfs:178)
unmounting /var (/dev/wd0f)
unmounting / (/dev/wd0a)
acpi0: entering state 5
panic: cpu_switchto: switching above IPL_SCHED (8)
fatal breakpoint ...
trap type 1 code 0 eip c021127c cs 8 eflags 246 cr2 bbbc658c ilevel 8
Stopped in pid 0.12 (system) at 0xc021127c: popl %ebp
db{0}> ps/l
> 12 3 204 ca7492a0 sysmon eccv

Sorry, I cannot get a dump for this one.

 - Arnaud

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