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More news from the 5.0 sharp end

Another quick update from the sharp end of the 5.0 branch:

The last week has seen a whole collective noun of pullups take place;
for that, many thanks to Soren Jacobsen.

We are making progress on the critical PR list - these PRs need to be
fixed before we release 5.0.  The core team and release engineering
monitor this list every week.

+ release engineering would really like to hear the results of your
  testing.  It's you that can help us make 5.0 even better than it is
  right now.  Even something simple like "Installed on $X computer and
  is currently running great!". We can't track everything ourselves,
  and direct reports from individuals are very helpful in assessing
  the state of the tree. All mail to releng@, please.

+ progress in the past week has been excellent:

        + fixes for if_bge, if_iwn, wip firmware, IPI fixes for amd64,
          wpa_supplicant reload, twm, nanosleep on 64-bit
          architectures, dbcool, msk, a race condition in opencrypto,
          /usr/X11R7 search order, vnd, and others
        + Xorg is on by default on a number of ports
        + an i386-specific COMPAT_30_PTHREAD has been added
        + MesaGLUT has been added to xsrc

  Please see the source-changes mailing list for a more detailed list
  of these pullups.

+ We still need to knock some critical PRs on the head - if you could
  help out with any of those, please see the PR list mentioned later on
  in this mail; if you could, we'd be very grateful

+ the 5.0 PR list is at

+ the latest binary snapshots are available from:

+ the next steps, after we've fixed all the critical PRs, is to
  start on the Release Candidates (RCs). 

Once again, thanks to Soren Jacobsen for doing all of the 5-0 pullups
to date.

With best wishes,

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