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Re: isp(4) annoying problems on PWS500au

Hmm.. I haven't had an alpha to play with for years...

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Nicolas Joly <> 
> Hi,
> I'm seeing some isp(4) problems on a PWS500au running up-to-date
> -current NetBSD/alpha.
> isp0: unable to load DMA (35)
> sd1(isp0:0:1:0): adapter resource shortage

Hmm- the platform code that allows an HBA to map buffers for a
transfer is returning EAGAIN- that's more of a generic platform
problem. Did it used to work okay and just broke recently?

> 2) I cannot reboot without resetting the machine at the srm
> prompt. The isp(4) scsi controller seems to be stuck ... (just to be
> sure, i swapped the PWS500au motherboard with a spare one and got the
> very same hangs).
> [

The pkc0 is the ISP chipset. It's possible that the firmware being
loaded into this by the isp driver is fouling up what the SRM driver
thinks should be going on. You can check this by building a kernel


added to it. Try that and report back?

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