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Re: port HAMMER FS? (and bounty)

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
Anyone interested in porting HAMMER file system from DragonFly to NetBSD?

As a long time NetBSD user, I'd love to see this. One of the areas I see NetBSD falling behind in is advanced FS support (albeit WAPBL is nice advancement). Hammer is cutting edge mojo with useful brand-new features that'd add substantive new applications for NetBSD in places it can't go now.

- will support multi-master mirroring

This is a really nice feature which looks very nicely implemented in DFBSD. Take a look at the source to Hammer, Dillon's done a HUGE (hundreds of revisions on much of the source in just a few months) amount of work on it and his code his clean and clear.

One of the observations I have is that the vfs system in place in DragonflyBSD might be close enough to the vfs operations found in puffs. I'm not sure if that'd be appropriate with some of the more long-haired features in Hammer, but it's a thought. It might also remove some of the administrative overhead involved with kernel hacking (small though that may be). It does, however, look like Hammer is still understandably a moving target. Some of the source files have been changed as of 16 hours ago etc....

Swift Griggs -- <>
Unix Systems Administrator

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