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Re: Fail in building release

Łukasz wrote:
Dnia 2008-10-15, o godz. 09:19:40
"Marcin M. Jessa" <> napisał(a):
This is what happened when running release [1].

These are the options in my mk.conf related to xorg:
# Build native

Please decide do you want to use modular or native org.
For modular - hash MKXORG=YES, for native - change X11_TYPE to native
and leave MKXORG as is.

ERROR: X11SRCDIR.X11 `/usr/xsrc/external/mit/libX11/dist' does not

Update your /usr/xsrc tree.
It's as fresh as the first snow. I use cvsup/csup to fetch my sources, they all go to /usr/src ( /usr/src/x11 is there). Is there any particular option/flag I need to give to also build Xorg from base? says to use -x to set MKX11=yes and to use "-X x11src". Should x11src be in my case set to /usr/src/x11 ?


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