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Re: LBA48 bug and the wd_quirk_table in wd.c for 2.5" drives

On 13/10/2008, Bernd Ernesti <> wrote:

>  I should have known why i don't like seagate drive so much, that 'bug'
>  and the broken s.m.a.r.t. implementation.

Are there any better alternatives?

In my view pretty much all disk drives suck.

The Seagate ones seem to be the ones that are mostly bearable.

In my experience WD has the noisiest drives with some surprises like
not checking the UDMA cheksums (probably) or not working as master in
some series.

Hitachi (former IBM) got bad reputation with the series that
introduced glass platterns and overheating chips which caused the
drives to die early. The second hit they got was thier notice that the
warranty is X years but you are supposed  to run the drive at most
eight hours a day or the warranty period shortens appropriately. Their
notebook disks tend to suck so much power when they spin up that there
is no chance of using them in USB enclosures without a beefy external
power supply (or a powered hub).

Maxtor has the quietest drives (at least the series I used were very
quiet compared to other drives at the time). But they tend to overheat
- quite a bit. And it seems Seagate bought them anyway.

So Seagate seems to cause the least trouble. It's somewhat mediocre
but the least evil.
I never noticed any LBA problems but it might be I just did not see
the specific series that cause them. This is new to me.

But I have no idea about Samsung or Fujitsu drives. They are quite new
around here.



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