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Re: Lock up's on USB transfer

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, wrote:
I would laugh was it not for NetBSD. I'm experiencing lockups with USB writing (msdos, eh?) for *several years* now already, on different computers, different USB hardware, different storage.

Not to be negative, but I've also had the same experience. USB+msdos/vfat == crashes & fs-lockouts. ie.. Either the storage locks up or the machine does. I've also noticed that USB+msdos_fs is orders of magnitude slower than ffs/lfs/ext2 on the same unit. I know it's an ineffecient FS, but not 200%+ slower.

Go searching the PR database some and have some fun. You'll find many "analyzed" PRs, steps on what to do, or just people asking how to debug this further and being ignored.

I can _always_ reproduce the system lockup by writing files to a USB floppy drive formatted with FAT. The FS lockouts I can usually produce with a SanDisk USB 1Gb stick with FAT32. I'd be happy to help if someone is willing to look at the data it'd produce from ddb or whatever you want to see. It would be wonderful to have this fixed since so many consumer electronics devices use FAT.

Swift Griggs -- <>
Unix Systems Administrator

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