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Re: EeePC 900 and wifi patch linked on homepage - in current?

On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Anders Lindgren wrote:
Sorry if I'm cutting in here a bit.. :-) I haven't tried this particular kernel, but I have built a -current (20080809:ish) with the patches from the eee page. Were those the same as yours?

I'm not sure about that. I just used the kernel Jared had linked to. The userland stuff was -current as of about 5 days ago.

I get frequent messages about (from memory now) "ath0: device timeout (txq 1, txintrperiod n)" where n is typically 1..5,

To be honest, I didn't try to use the interface past just configuring it with ifconfig and a simple ping. I didn't check the ring buffer for messages or try to use it for any extended period of time. I'll try tonight and I suppose that if I get the same result we can report this to Jared via this list.

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