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EeePC 900 and wifi patch linked on homepage - in current?

I noticed that there is a patch for the eeepc to make the wifi fire up. It's linked off the "official" NetBSD on Eeepc page here:

I'm wondering if anyone's tried it on a model 900 and if so, I'm curious if we can hope to see this in -current? Also, I noticed that my external USB ral devices seemed to work for about 30 minutes before they ceased to pass traffic and had to be pulled/re-inserted to work.

For some good news, I can say that the xorg drivers now work out of the box in the 900's native 1024x600 video mode using -current and pkgsrc. I couldn't get 1024x600 using the native XFree install, though. The log complained of "no such mode". That's fine, though. The "intel" driver in xorg performs surprisingly well. AA-fonts in xterm scroll faster on my eeepc 900 than they do on many of my faster desktops with better graphics cards. The small resolution probably has something to do with that, though. The lii0 interface seems stable, but I haven't tried pushing it too hard. All I know is that I had it compiling stuff outta pkgsrc all night last night and it was still working in the morning :-) Oh yeah, and envstat has all kinds of good stuff to report these days on the eee!

Swift Griggs -- <>
Unix Systems Administrator

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