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Re: EeePC 900 and wifi patch linked on homepage - in current?

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

Haven't tried it (lack the hardware) but I was under the impression that the 900 model was more or less the same hardware as the 701. Give the following kernel a shot:

Let us know how you make out so we can update the eee info page.

Sorry if I'm cutting in here a bit.. :-) I haven't tried this particular kernel, but I have built a -current (20080809:ish) with the patches from the eee page. Were those the same as yours?

My eeepc900's ath0 interface fails to work properly with the atheee.patch from the homepage; I get frequent messages about (from memory now) "ath0: device timeout (txq 1, txintrperiod n)" where n is typically 1..5, and anywhere from 33-85% packet loss and seemingly very bad signal reception[0]. In the same location(s) in my house, I get zero packet loss with my old DELL Latitude C600's pcmcia wi0 and 4.0_BETA2. The AP is some old 802.11b DLink AirPlus 900AP+ using WEP "encryption".

[0]   I am not sure how to interpret the signal to noise ratios in
    wiconfig ath0 -D, the man page doesn't really say).

Best regards,

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