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Re: Dell IPMI and PERC utils

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 04:55:35PM -0600, Swift Griggs wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Aug 2008, Michael van Elst wrote:
>> [...] this looks different from say the OpenIPMI drivers in Linux where 
>> you can use the same ipmitool for local and remote queries.
> Ah, right, I was about to speak up that ipmitool is a Linux-only tool  
> despite it's appearance in pkgsrc. Been there, done that.

a) no, it is not - see my other post.
b) pkgsrc is for linux, too

>> ipmi can also be used to access a redirected serial BIOS.
> Weird. How does that work? Do you watch a serial port created from the  
> bowels of the IPMI hardware and look for vt220? I'm thinking serial  
> concentrator here ala getty + lightwave. Is that what you mean?

A serial bios can redirect its output to a serial port.
An IPMI bios can redirect the serial port/BIOS output to IPMI.

IPMI frames then carry the serial IO together with other data,
encapsulated over whatever transport you're using for IPMI.  So you
can get at the serial bios console over IPMI from your remote
management station.

Now the fun begins:  IPMI can be carried over serial.  So your machine
with one serial port and no IPMI ethernet port, which you need for
console but wanted to use IPMI too, can now be used for both.  It
requires some careful setup (like making sure the bios owns the serial
port at all times, and the host OS doesn't see it and take over), but
the end result is nowhere near as silly as it sounds: Serial
console redirected over IPMI over the original serial port.  

> Also, I almost forgot to ask. The PERC 3D/I Raid controller [..]

Can't speak from any useful experience about these, and they seem to
vary a lot by specific models, too, sorry.


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