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Re: Dell IPMI and PERC utils

Swift Griggs <> writes:
> Dell PowerEdge boxes have a lot of extra instrumentation that is
> available via their psuedo-proprietary IPMI/BMC chips/controllers on
> those servers. Is there any existing code or plans for work that might
> see the light of day in NetBSD 5.0 ? I'd love to use NetBSD on more of
> our Dell servers, but one of the big drawbacks that others harp on me
> for is the lack of embedded controller management and ability to grab
> the Sensor Data Records (SDR) about things like failed power supplies,
> bad RAM, etc...
> PS: I'm really looking forward to 5.0. Journaling FS, /dev/pad, and
> all the SATA improvements are going to be a lot of fun.

I don't think IPMI is an operating system issue -- it is handled by
the hardware below the level of the OS.

The issue is really just one of having a client available -- you
probably want to look at using something like pkgsrc/sysutils/ipmitool


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