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Re: btsco(4) on -current

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

> Hey folks --
> I picked up a USB bluetooth adapter and headset, and I'm trying to get it to
> work on -current. ubt attaches:
>   ubt0 at uhub1 port 1
>   ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 2.00/19.58, addr 2
> I have set hw.ubt0.config=2 and based sco_txsize=17 from sysctl I have set
> scomtu to 48 as per the ubt(4) man page. My laptop is paired with the headset
> and bthset is running:
>   bthub0 at ubt0 local-bdaddr 00:18:e4:0b:c5:35
>   btsco0 at bthub0 remote-bdaddr 00:1a:0e:a6:6b:ad channel 2
>   audio1 at btsco0: full duplex
> Unfortunately, audiorecord records silence, and attempting to play an mp3 to
> /dev/sound1 results in silence as well. Doing eg. 'mpg123 -v' shows that the
> audio device isn't stalled. Has anybody had any luck with this stuff lately,
> or am I missing something obvious?

I can't see anything obvious missing in your explanation. I've upgraded to
a -current as of saturday kernel now and it seems to be working fine for
me still (i386/cardbus/uhci/ubt and a Jabra headset), though the audio
recorded seems a bit stuttery (but not if played back through the headset
which I'm hoping is a filter problem)

if you use 'bthset -v' can you see that it is connected to the headset
control channel ok? does SIGUSR1 cause ringing and can you twiddle with
the volume settings ok?

what is there uhci attached to? (if there is any ehci there, it won't
work as isochronous packets just get lost)

I just found another place that bt_lock is needed, so update
sys/dev/bluetooth/btsco.c before you snoop, but sysutils/hcidump should
show packets in and out of the hardware driver, can you try to see if
anything happens there?


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