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btsco(4) on -current

Hey folks --

I picked up a USB bluetooth adapter and headset, and I'm trying to get it to work on -current. ubt attaches:

  ubt0 at uhub1 port 1
  ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 2.00/19.58, addr 2

I have set hw.ubt0.config=2 and based sco_txsize=17 from sysctl I have set scomtu to 48 as per the ubt(4) man page. My laptop is paired with the headset and bthset is running:

  bthub0 at ubt0 local-bdaddr 00:18:e4:0b:c5:35
  btsco0 at bthub0 remote-bdaddr 00:1a:0e:a6:6b:ad channel 2
  audio1 at btsco0: full duplex

Unfortunately, audiorecord records silence, and attempting to play an mp3 to /dev/sound1 results in silence as well. Doing eg. 'mpg123 -v' shows that the audio device isn't stalled. Has anybody had any luck with this stuff lately, or am I missing something obvious?


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