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Re: bootparam_prot.h: No such file or diretory

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 03:20:44PM +0000, Iain Hibbert wrote:
 > > exec ./ -u -O /usr/obj "$@"
 > > nothing special really, with exception of /usr/src and /usr/obj being
 > > nfs mounted, /usr/src being read-only
 > to be honest I'm no expert here but this seems like a stale dependency of
 > some kind and -u can cause trouble like that if files have been added or
 > removed since the last successful build. I don't see how that should make
 > a difference though if you emptied /usr/obj first.

Maybe some directories were (partially) built without making obj?

In that case something like this might help:

   cd /usr/src
   find . -type l -name obj -print | xargs rm
   make cleandir
   make obj

   - David A. Holland /

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