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Re: bootparam_prot.h: No such file or diretory

On 15/01/2008, Iain Hibbert <> wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Kimi wrote:
> > my script called in the same dir as contains:
> > #! /bin/sh
> >
> > exec ./ -u -O /usr/obj "$@"
> > nothing special really, with exception of /usr/src and /usr/obj being
> > nfs mounted, /usr/src being read-only
> to be honest I'm no expert here but this seems like a stale dependency of
> some kind and -u can cause trouble like that if files have been added or
> removed since the last successful build. I don't see how that should make
> a difference though if you emptied /usr/obj first.

yes. now I have even tried a different hard disc drive, cable. even
funnier, it does this under vmware workstation 6 too.

I can build a kernel no problem, I'm not sure how long it can be
before you need to synch userland with kernel, it's just I would
rather keep them in synch and have lesser troubles down the road.

I think I will buy a new machine, sounds exteme maybe thus way I can
rule out what the problem is maybe

thanks for your words

> iain


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