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Re: LXQt-1.0.0 Window Manager?


Am 10.11.21 um 09:39 schrieb pin:
I've asked upstream, xfwm4 or kwin was they answer and Siduction uses xfwm4.
I must say, I've tried both and xfwm4 feels nicer but, I agree with you.

In the past I had at least the impression that the themes of Openbox were quite well matched to the themes of lxqt (or kvantum) and this was therefore traded as the quasi-standard Wm for lxqt. Also, Openbox has only a few dependencies and thus fits very well into the concept of LXDE / LXQT, which has always wanted to be more of a collection of desktop components instead of a fully integrated desktop environment (at least that's how I perceived it so far). If OpenBox is to be phased out due to lack of maintenance (are there actually objective problems with it?), are there possibly other lightweight window managers with few dependencies that fit conceptually just as well? XFWM4 somehow doesn't feel right, that already irritated me in Debian (there this is the default for lxqt).

Anyway, just leaving the window manager out of the meta-pkg seems like a good compromise to me, giving the user the choice and don't assume anything. Maybe a install-message would be helpful, telling the user that a window manager has to be installed separately.

Kind regards

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