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Re: Generate complementing or conflicting package?

(It turns ot that ndisc6 can only generate Neighbor Solicitations, not Neighbor Advertisements, so I will probably not persue this further.)

> I do not see traceroute6 in net/tcptraceroute6's PLIST.
It's called rltraceroute6.

> Figure out if the tcptraceroute6 and traceroute6 bits in NDisc6 are
> just up-to-date copies of a maintained project, or less maintained or
> more maintained.

The NDisc6 project consists of/provides ndisc6, rdisc6, rltraceroute6, tcptraceroute6 plus some other utilities.

net/tcptraceroute6 builds everything NDisc6 provides, but has a do-install that only installs rltraceroute6, tcptraceroute6, tracert6 (a script) and the {rl,tcp}traceroute man page. It does build everything else, but discards it.

> Figure out how other packaging systems treat this.
Debian's ndisc6 includes both ndisc6/rdisc6 and rltraceroute6/tcptraceroute6 plus tcpspray6, addrinfo and dnssort.

> if the traceroute6 is better than the other project.
It's the same project, so the thing.

So far we have net/tcptraceroute6 providing a subset of NDisc6.

I could (would I persue this further, which I probably don't):

1. Make a package that provides the full NDisc6. That's what I called "full".

2. Make a package that provides the subset of NDisc6 I'm interested in (which is disjoint from what net/tcptraceroute6 provides). That's what I called "additional".

3. Make a package that provides the full NDisc6 minus what net/tcptraceroute provides. That's what I called "complementing".

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