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Re: Generate complementing or conflicting package?

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

> Looking for a way to generate Unsolicted Neighbor Advertisements, I learned 
> about the NDisc6 project. In addition to ndisc6 and rdisc6 (what I'm 
> interested in), the project contains tcptraceroute6 and traceroute6, which 
> already have been imported (by he@) as net/tcptraceroute6 long ago. 
> The project also includes rdnssd.

I do not see traceroute6 in net/tcptraceroute6's PLIST.

> Now what should I (try to) do?

0. Figure out if the tcptraceroute6 and traceroute6 bits in NDisc6 are
just up-to-date copies of a maintained project, or less maintained or
more maintained.   Figure out how other packaging systems treat this.

Think about filing a bug if they are just copies or less maintained.
Windmills and all.

> 1. Generate a full net/ndisc6 package containing everything upstream provides? 
> This would probably be what people installing net/ndisc6 would expect, but 
> would need to conflict with a long-exisiting package.

Arguably reasonable, and I would consider this if the traceroute6 is
better than the other project.

> 2. Generate an additional net/ndisc6 package providing only ndisc6 and rdisc6, 
> with DESCR hinting at net/tcptraceroute6 (and leaving room for net/rdnssd in 
> case someone wants it)?

I don't follow your use of full vs additional.   YOu are proposing to
create an nidsc6 package and the only question is which build products
to install vs comment out installation.

> 3. Generate a complementing package (under which name?) providing ndisc6, 
> rdisc6 and rdnssd?

I also don't understand your use of complementing.  If rdnssd is not
cleanly available as some other package, it makes sense to include it.

Overall, I'd ask the question: given someone who understands the
software quality and maintainance issues of both programs, would they
want to use the tcptraceroute6 package's implemention or the ndisc6
implementatio.  If ndisc6 is preferred, then include tcptraceroute6 and
just add CONFLICTS lines.  If tcptraceroute6 is preferred, just omit it
from the ndisc6 package and note that in DESCR.

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