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Generate complementing or conflicting package?

Looking for a way to generate Unsolicted Neighbor Advertisements, I learned 
about the NDisc6 project. In addition to ndisc6 and rdisc6 (what I'm 
interested in), the project contains tcptraceroute6 and traceroute6, which 
already have been imported (by he@) as net/tcptraceroute6 long ago. 
The project also includes rdnssd.

Now what should I (try to) do?

1. Generate a full net/ndisc6 package containing everything upstream provides? 
This would probably be what people installing net/ndisc6 would expect, but 
would need to conflict with a long-exisiting package.

2. Generate an additional net/ndisc6 package providing only ndisc6 and rdisc6, 
with DESCR hinting at net/tcptraceroute6 (and leaving room for net/rdnssd in 
case someone wants it)?

3. Generate a complementing package (under which name?) providing ndisc6, 
rdisc6 and rdnssd?

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