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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf

Hauke Fath <> writes:

>> That's not an accurate characterization.  I pointed out that it's a core
>> principle of pkgsrc that when you build a package you get the same
>> outcome, absent intentionally setting options.  I don't think that view
>> is controversial or surprising.
> No, but how does it apply here?
> We install a fonts directory which can be used with or without X11 - 
> rrdtool uses the fonts to produce web png graphics. Now we can
> (1) make the (install-time) font registration optional - No X, nothing
> to register. I wrapped this pattern up as "Use FEATURE if available,
> move on if not", which is what you (strongly) reacted to.

With the caveats/extended description in the reply I just sent about
abs@'s proposal, I think we might be converged.

The skip optional shouldn't lead to

  install font package
  install some parts of modular X

not having the font caches built, where they would been in the opposite
install order.

> (2) mandate that since the fonts will have to be registered with an
> optional X11 installation, the package has an implicit X11
> dependency. Which could be a package option, but Thomas didn't think
> this would scale (can't blame him).

I don't think that's actually all that bad, as nobody has shown that
what is depended on is large or difficult.  It's not a dependency on
meta-packages/modular-xorg, but a dependency on one small tool.

> Any (3) that I cannot see?

I don't see a 3 either, but I think 1 is likely workable.

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