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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf

On 7/23/21 4:24 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
With X11_TYPE, there are basically two valid setups:

  X11_TYPE=native and x sets installed (or equivalent on other systems).
  This does not imply the server set is installed and it does not imply
  anything is cofigured.

  X11_TYPE=modular, and X11-world things will be provided from pkgsrc,
  with either native X11 installed and ignored or not installed

I would like to see the equivalent of an X11_TYPE=none, since X11 is not "similar to many other big things" as you see it. X11 is (until, maybe, Wayland) the only graphics platform we have, and as such it plays a special role as enabler for GTK, QT and friends.
You seem to live in a world

Maybe tone it down a bit? My daily workplace driver is a NetBSD X11 workstation, and has been for almost 25 years...

where you leave X11_TYPE=native and want to
have absolutely nothing from X11 on your system.  The former is a
misonfiguration and I don't think we should torque pkgsrc around to
accomodate it.

I've tried both. I found myself playing whack-a-mole where at every turn, a package attempted to sneak in X11 dependencies despite setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=-x11.

X11_TYPE=native, especially after the change that started the thread, gives a clear error, so I can look at my options. Setting X11_TYPE=modular, when I clearly do not want X11 bits on a server installation, feels like a misconfiguration to me.

Nothing religious on my end, this is a purely pragmatic decision.


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