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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf

> You seem to live in a world where you leave X11_TYPE=native and want to
> have absolutely nothing from X11 on your system.  The former is a
> misonfiguration and I don't think we should torque pkgsrc around to
> accomodate it.
> There are lots of things that people don't like [...]
The point (at least mine) is not that I "don't like" X11.
My point is that, on my servers, anything X11 won't work (for me). So in case 
building packages results in pulling in X11, that's a misconfiguration (either 
by me or in a package Makefile) and I would like pkgsrc to bail out early, 
indicating "you said you don't want X11 but I would pull it in now" instead of 
downloding, configuring and building things I would only trash later. So I can 
track down the problem earlier.

This differs from Rust in that while I would like to avoid packages depending 
on Rust, after all, there's some chance they would work (for me) while for 
X11, there's no chance for them to work (for me).

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