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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf

On 7/23/21 4:30 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Can pkgtasks/ be adjusted to have something in the form of
PKG_UPDATE_FONTS_DB=auto, which would run mkfontdir if present but not
require it, plus logic in fonts/mkfontscale to run mkfontdir after
install, so installing a bunch of fonts then fonts/mkfontscale can
It seems that the discussion was about X11BASE vs LOCALBASE.

No, we've moved on from that, see the subject. I made the X11 dependency optional for a font package, which Thomas said wouldn't scale.

But, if it makes conceptual sense to have fonts installed for some uses
without the extra metadata dirs, and we can do that in a way that will
preserve the consistency properties that matter, that's a reasonable
thing to consider.

Good to hear.

What abs@ suggested seems to meet that, basically saying that output
created my mkfontdir is a mkfontdir-world thing, detached from the

Exactly. The index files produced by mkfontdir are not part of the font packages. By making the mkfontdir run optional, you change the installation procedure, not the package (content).


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