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pam-af: missing symbol (pam_sm_authenticate)

Since I updated pam-af to the latest branch (and as far as I know it
didn't really change), it seems to be lacking some symbols.

In /var/log/authlog:

Jul  5 16:38:31 murthe sshd[10910]: error: PAM: Invalid symbol for rhialto from

In /var/log/messages:

Jul  5 16:38:36 murthe sshd: in openpam_dispatch(): /usr/pkg/lib/security/ no pam_sm_authenticate()
Jul  5 16:38:36 murthe sshd: in openpam_check_error_code(): pam_sm_authenticate(): unexpected return value 2

For ages, I have a local patch to add -DNO_STATIC_MODULES to the
compilation (with the note "The bug is described in PR security/39313"),
but seemingly that no longer helps. is now closed and claims its bug should be fixed.

Reverting my patch does not seem to help.

The previous, working, version was compiled from pkgsrc-2021Q1 for
NetBSD 9.0. For this one I updated to Q2 and 9.2.

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