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Re: pkg/56299 (Native X11_TYPE on NetBSD even if /usr/X11R7 does not exist)

I submitted this PR because I am not totally sure that the error I encountered was really a bug or just a misconfiguration of my system. I am building a pkgsrc bulk and for some reason I have not investigate yet, /usr/X11R7 has not been mounted in my sandbox. When I look at the beginning of this script, I see however with_x=yes and sandboxMountDirs="/bin /sbin /lib /libexec /usr/X11R7 ...". But anyway...

If it is correct that a NetBSD can be fully functional without the xbase set, setting X11_TYPE to native only if /usr/X11R7 exists seems reasonable to me, since the directory of X's files has been named as this since NetBSD 5.

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