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Re: Shall security/p11-kit depend on gettext-lib?

On Sun, Jul 04, 2021 at 10:13:02AM +0200, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
 > in lib/pkgconfig/ I got linking failure because the
 > was translated to a buildlink path and that path was not
 > present. I shuffled things around a bit, at first enforcing pkgsrc's
 > gettext-lib to be used, with that, the file changes to
 > dependency_libs='-L/pkg_prefix/lib -lffi -lintl -ldl -lpthread'
 > Does that mean dependent packages should include the dep via the
 > buildlink or not?

If it comes out in the client's command line you need it in the bl3
file. Just appearing in .la turds may or may not result in that,
depending on libtool... and also whether you're doing static linking.
But mostly we ignore static linking and I'm pretty sure that in
practice most of pkgsrc would explode on a platform that only supports
static linking.

also what I wrote:
 >> The dependency is enough to get the files buildlinked.

is wrong, was confused.

 > I removed gettext's libintl but now it seems like I should make a new
 > bootstrap and re-build pkgsrc as the base gcc also moved to 11.1. Maybe
 > I should stop testing stuff on that weird box and keep my pkgsrc work
 > confined to the HPC system where I deploy ? well, a plain Ubuntu system
 > also doesn't have this libintl confusion. I have this tendency to walk
 > around into corner cases.

Depends how much work you want to let yourself in for :-)  The more
configs you test on, the more breakage you find and the more robust
everything is... after you fix all the breakage...

David A. Holland

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