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Re: Brave people needed to check if OpenBLAS works on non-NetBSD/non-Linux

On 6/7/21 9:51 AM, Adam wrote:
Hi folks,

historically, we have that in the math/openblas packages:

# Darwin has a .so/.dylib PLIST issue
# Untested on other platforms
ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM=      Linux-*-* NetBSD-*-*

I strongly suspect that this is outdated. Can I get a confirmation from
some of the not mentioned platforms that it indeed builds?

I see no specific reason to keep this setting, but I cannot test
myself. I would like to remove the line and only add something like
that once we really a failure still occurs.

Alrighty then,


OpenBLAS builds fine on Darwin, but patch-Makefile.install has to be adjusted to remove "-pm644" option, which seems not to be portable. I can do it, if needed.

All tests pass.

What version of Darwin? I'm hitting build failures in gcc7 and gcc8 on Big Sur (20.5.0).

Also, did you install openblas, or just build? It was building fine before, but install failed on dylib vs so issues.



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