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wip/{scintilla,scite}: questions and review


I've just pushed to wip latest version of scintilla and scite (both

They build and run fine.

Updating it to the lastest version was OK, but I didn't completely
understand the patch to gtk/makefile for both.  In my version, I
decided to not to change it so much, so the patch is smaller than
the older version.  I may have missed something so I would like to
ask you to take a look specially in this patch.

Question: what version should I update scintilla/ to?
I'm not really aware of API/ABI changes in Scintilla so I don't
know what version numbers I should insert there, but I'm sure that
there were important changes from scintilla 3.3.9 (pkgsrc version)
to the latest.  Maybe changing both API/ABI to the latest version
is the way to go?:

	BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.scintilla+=	scintilla>=4.4.6
	BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.scintilla+=	scintilla>=4.4.6
	BUILDLINK_PKGSRCDIR.scintilla?=		../../devel/scintilla

Is this a candidate for import after I fixed issues above and
pkglint errors?  If yes, on the next weeks I can test packages that
depend on it to make sure everything build and run correctly.


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