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Re: pkgsrc categories

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> * On 2021-01-06 at 10:26 GMT, Frederic Fauberteau wrote:
>> Personally, I would favours the converters directory. Is there any
>> objection not to move fonts/bdftopcf to converters/bdftopcf?
> Moving directories is not recommended.  For one you'll break upgrades
> via pkgin, as it will no longer consider them to be the same package.
> This will eventually be supported via PREV_PKGPATH but isn't yet.
> Personally I find categories to be largely irrelevant, and simply run
> "ls -d */foo*" when I want to find a package, or something like
> "git grep bin/foo -- '*/PLIST*' when searching for which package
> provides a particular binary.  Both return in under a second.

Strongly agreed on both counts.

I find categories useful only in doing things like "read the DESCR in
every package in geography to find out about a package I might want to
run but right now don't even know that it exists".  I've been doing
almost jperkin's ls example for years.  My variant
  ls -ld */*foo*

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