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Re: wip/{scintilla,scite}: questions and review

On Wed 06 Jan 2021 at 17:53:42 -0300, Silas wrote:
> Question: what version should I update scintilla/ to?
> I'm not really aware of API/ABI changes in Scintilla so I don't
> know what version numbers I should insert there, but I'm sure that
> there were important changes from scintilla 3.3.9 (pkgsrc version)
> to the latest.  Maybe changing both API/ABI to the latest version
> is the way to go?:
> 	BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.scintilla+=	scintilla>=4.4.6
> 	BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.scintilla+=	scintilla>=4.4.6
> 	BUILDLINK_PKGSRCDIR.scintilla?=		../../devel/scintilla

My reasoning about this is as follows. It makes no sense to specify some
version that has never been in pkgsrc. So even if the major changes in
the API/ABI happened in an earlier version, and everything remained
compatible between then and now, simply use the one that's in the
package you're updating.

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