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updated pkgdb instructions

> On 31/12/2020 04:23, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > I thought /usr/packages was the default location where packages built from pkgsrc were kept, though I note that in /etc/mk.conf .


> The default location of binary packages is ${PKGSRCDIR}/packages, where 
> ${PKGSRCDIR} is where you dump your cvs tree, but, of course, you can 
> modify that in mk.conf. I put my packages in:
> /root/chroot/stretch/root/pkgsrc/packages

> which is quite an unusual location.

> Ottavio Caruso

If I used ${PKGSRCDIR}/packages with more than one NetBSD installation on hard drive(s) and/or USB sticks or hard drives, then ${PKGSRCDIR}/packages would mix packages for different NetBSD versions and architectures; I might have both amd64 and i386, and could possibly have both 8.1_STABLE and current, but plan for now to do only current.

Also PACKAGES could be on a different partition or drive than the NetBSD installation.

I believe /usr/packages was the default location for PACKAGES, did it change more recently?  Or does that notion come from FreeBSD ports?

Ottavio, I believe you use pkgsrc on Linux and NetBSD.  Any other OSes, like FreeBSD?

I will have to decide between current and releng-10 when that branch occurs.


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