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Re: updated pkgdb instructions

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> From Greg Troxel:
>> I have rototilled the instructions.  Keep in mind that nobody has yet
>> tried them after the rototill, so tread carefully.
>> suggestions for clarification, pointing out errors, , positive and
>> negative reports, etc, welcome.
> What happens if user moves /usr/pkg, /usr/packages, /var/db/pkg and
> /var/db/pkg.refcount to backup locations?

I have no idea what /usr/packages is.

If you move aside your entire pkgsrc setup, and you have new tools, then
everything should happen in /usr/pkg/pkgdb.  But if you don't, or have a
mix, then it could be messy.  I would mkdir /usr/pkg/pkgdb and
/usr/pkg/pkgdb.refcount and then run the script with the fix option to
cause PKG_DBDIR lines to be added that say that /usr/pkg/pkgdb is the

> I figure I need to start packages anew because of the current
> condition, also the desire to switch from modular xorg to native xorg.

You might need to and you might not.  Up to you to start fresh vs try to
make it work.

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