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Re: Rust 1.46.0 update


Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>>> I've (cross-)built and uploaded bootstrap kits for NetBSD/aarch64 9.0,
>>> NetBSD/earmv7hf-el 9.0, NetBSD/powerpc 8.0 (also have for 9.0) and
>>> NetBSD/sparc64 8.0 for rust version 1.45.2.
>> Did you build those static?
> I do not know how to build these statically, so "no".
> I welcome guidance for how to do this the proper way with rust;
> the build system isn't like anything else...
>> If not, do the bootstrap kits for 8 work on 9?

I think that the following CONFIGURE_ARGS should be
added when building bootstrap kits:


I have not tested the latest rust release...

> The NetBSD/powerpc 8.0 bootstrap does not work on 9.0, due to
> some C++ ABI markings which are not portable across those two
> (I've muttered here(?) about that earlier).  It doesn't look like
> this is a universal problem, though.  Therefore I have a local
> 9.0 bootstrap kit for powerpc.  However, the tarballs produced by
> the rust build are not tagged with OS version, so it is mildly
> annoying to have to rename the kits after they've been built.
> I'll admit that I've not been as thorough as I perhaps should
> have been in testing the other 8.0 bootstrap kits on 9.0 (wasn't
> there some fallout on i386?).
>> Are you able to a construct a rust binary package that could be used to
>> e.g. build rsvg on earmv7hf-el?   Something that could be part of
>> rust-bin?  (I am assuming upstream does not build for NetBSD/earmv7.)
> The rust-bin package only supports official rust binaries.  I'm
> not up for changing that.  That said, the cross-built bootstrap
> kits appear to contain most of what a binary distribution would
> contain, so it is not entirely inconceivable that it could be
> used.
> Regards,
> - Håvard

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