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Re: Rust 1.46.0 update

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>> What is the state of the bootstrap kits?  Are they known to work on all
>> of
>>   NetBSD {8, 9, current}  X  {i386, amd64, earmv7hf-el, aarch64)
> While this is about 1.45.2 and not 1.46.0, I suspect that
> earmv7hf-el is a lost cause at this point, for a natively built
> rust.
> 1.45.0: managed to build natively (just about)
> 1.45.2: all attempts fail to build rustc_middle with 'std::bad_alloc'

Thanks for the update.

If we stay at 1.45.2, or if 1.46 doesn't build, then I think we need to
change rust/ to exclude earmv7.  Right now there's a kludge
in graphics/rsvg/ to exclude armv7, and this is not really
about rsvg as much as "the platform doesn't have rust, at least now".

> I have not tried 1.46.0 yet on any of the archs x OS-versions I build
> for.

If that builds on earmv7, that would be really good to know right away.

> I've (cross-)built and uploaded bootstrap kits for NetBSD/aarch64 9.0,
> NetBSD/earmv7hf-el 9.0, NetBSD/powerpc 8.0 (also have for 9.0) and
> NetBSD/sparc64 8.0 for rust version 1.45.2.

Did you build those static?   If not, do the bootstrap kits for 8 work
on 9?

Are you able to a construct a rust binary package that could be used to
e.g. build rsvg on earmv7hf-el?   Something that could be part of
rust-bin?  (I am assuming upstream does not build for NetBSD/earmv7.)

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