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Re: Rust 1.46.0 update

>> I've (cross-)built and uploaded bootstrap kits for NetBSD/aarch64 9.0,
>> NetBSD/earmv7hf-el 9.0, NetBSD/powerpc 8.0 (also have for 9.0) and
>> NetBSD/sparc64 8.0 for rust version 1.45.2.
> Did you build those static?

I do not know how to build these statically, so "no".
I welcome guidance for how to do this the proper way with rust;
the build system isn't like anything else...

> If not, do the bootstrap kits for 8 work on 9?

The NetBSD/powerpc 8.0 bootstrap does not work on 9.0, due to
some C++ ABI markings which are not portable across those two
(I've muttered here(?) about that earlier).  It doesn't look like
this is a universal problem, though.  Therefore I have a local
9.0 bootstrap kit for powerpc.  However, the tarballs produced by
the rust build are not tagged with OS version, so it is mildly
annoying to have to rename the kits after they've been built.

I'll admit that I've not been as thorough as I perhaps should
have been in testing the other 8.0 bootstrap kits on 9.0 (wasn't
there some fallout on i386?).

> Are you able to a construct a rust binary package that could be used to
> e.g. build rsvg on earmv7hf-el?   Something that could be part of
> rust-bin?  (I am assuming upstream does not build for NetBSD/earmv7.)

The rust-bin package only supports official rust binaries.  I'm
not up for changing that.  That said, the cross-built bootstrap
kits appear to contain most of what a binary distribution would
contain, so it is not entirely inconceivable that it could be


- Håvard

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