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Re: Bootstrapping pkgsrc with a compiler

> Thus, I believe that this would meet all the requirements so far identified.
There are still two problems remaining (I proposed a solution for that, 
but it wasn't adopted because of the bootstrap problem):

-- User decides to build with GCC 17, but a packages sets GCC_REQD+= 18.
   You need logic to fail in this case.

-- User selects GCC 17, but a package requires C++38, which is only supported
   by GCC>=19. You need logic to fail in this case, otherwise people keep
   adding GCC_REQD to packages which really shold be USE_LANGUAGES.

You need to combine this logic with the bootstrap solution, of course.

There also was the open question whether you would like to allow packages 
not uitilizing C++ to compile with a different GCC version. Probably it's 
not worth the hazzle.

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